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Yoga Therapy & Meditation

Just Breathe

Yoga Therapy is all about the beautiful interplay between your mind and body. Through the marriage of movement, breath, and philosophical wisdom, I will assist you in discovering a path that brings clarity while nurturing your overall well-being. It's genuinely a transformative journey where you will witness improvements in your physical health, mental state, and emotional balance in remarkable ways.

It's as though you are on a journey of self-elevation, evolution, and alignment – truly transcending your own expectations and boundaries.


Practice & Education

Learn to Listen to Your Body

 Private sessions offer the opportunity to delve into the full spectrum of yoga therapy's offerings within the comfort of your home. Yoga Therapy, as a way of life, encompasses philosophy, psychology, dietary practices, and meditation. These personalized lessons enable you to integrate all these elements in a tailored manner, fostering a happier and healthier self.

Our Services

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Private Yoga Therpay Session

In Person 

Every individual's body is distinctive and one of a kind. My private sessions are crafted to meet you exactly where you are and to formulate a program that is personalized to address your specific requirements. Clients can anticipate acquiring a multitude of supportive yogic techniques designed to enhance self-healing, as well as to nurture mental and spiritual well-being.


Virtual Yoga Therapy Session

Via Zoom 

In-person sessions are the ideal method for a comprehensive assessment of your requirements and for guiding you through yogic practices. However, I understand that, in today's fast-paced world, it's not always possible or convenient. That's why I'm delighted to provide support through virtual sessions, ensuring that your needs are met, regardless of your circumstances.


Yoga Therpay Program


Acquire the fundamental principles and techniques of Yoga therapy without the need to commit to attending an in-person session. These programs are specifically tailored for broader audiences sharing similar conditions and are easily accessible right from your screen.

Our stories are shaped by what we choose to do, The magic happens when we are honest about aligning out actions with our priorities.

-Brenadette Jiwa

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